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When a government agent dies at a secret shipyard used to build submarines, Steed discovers foreign spies had arranged for the "accident."
"Death on the Slipway" is the lost episode from season one that introduced series veterans Peter Arne (first of four), Tom Adams (first of three), and Gary Watson (first of four), as well as providing the third appearance of Douglas Muir's One-Ten, Steed's superior. Sabotage at a dockyard where a nuclear submarine is being constructed, Peter Arne's Kolchek the culprit, his killing of one agent forcing the intervention of Steed, an old adversary of Kolchek, quickly recognizing him as not the metallurgist he claims to be and therefore targeted for death. The police continue their own investigation while we learn that supervisor Fleming (Sean Sullivan) is being blackmailed into planting a bomb aboard the unfinished sub. Sounds like one of the more lively entries, despite the near total absence of David Keel, also featuring Patrick Connor (first of two), Paul Dawkins (first of three), Hamilton Dyce (First of three), Billy Milton (first of two), and Redmond Bailey (last of three).

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