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Don Griffin (played by Don Glut) invents a serum that will make a person invisible. When his test subject (played by John (Erik) Shiozaki) escapes; Griffin injects himself, making himself invisible. He locates the test subject, and kills him, by running him over using a car. Griffin then dresses himself with clothing and bandages. He then attacks another teenager - (played by Wayne Moretti). The teenager locates Griffin and stabs him. As Griffin dies, he becomes visible.
An insane teenager, Don Griffin, invents a serum that makes him invisible.
The Day I Vanished (1959) <br/><br/>*** (out of 4) <br/><br/>Another charming short from the early days of Donald F. Glut. This one here has him playing a boy who injects himself with a serum and soon he is turned invisible where he seeks revenge against a couple other teens. THE DAY I VANISHED is obviously Glut&#39;s homage to James Whale&#39;s THE INVISIBLE MAN. If you&#39;re going into this amateur short expecting something along the lines of an actual Whale film then you&#39;re obviously going to be missing out. This is an early film and a kid in his back yard playing and on that level the movie is quite charming and will certainly appeal to fans of classic horror. There&#39;s obviously nothing ground-breaking going on here but I thought there were all sorts of creative moments throughout including the scene where the invisible boy becomes visible.

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